Inclusive Workplaces. It is the utmost duty of a Canadian Immigration Lawyer who employ or hire people to ensue better working environment or work-place without creating any discrimination or harassment on the basis of religion, race, cast, sex, colour etc. The Canadian Immigration Lawyer while employing has to ensure that he/she is adhering to current policies and practices and ensuring better workplace without creating systematic or any discriminatory barriers. Providing motivation, support of access to its legal staff, on time promotions, mentorship is some of the key roles which are to be played by the Canadian Immigration Lawyer and ensure equal opportunity of success to all. There are also some areas where a Canadian Immigration Lawyer has created barriers which are like cultural homophily and unconscious bias lead of hiring of committees so that the client feels more comfortable who would treat them as if they are from their own communities and would not feel unconnected or outsider or those who from other communities. It can also create cultural homophily and unconscious bias where the senior Canadian Immigration Lawyers becomes mentor Canadian Immigration Lawyers for them but bars the other to share same kind of similarity by denying support to them. Canadian Immigration Lawyers who arose from the groups who demanded equality, has to work twice as hard and with scrutiny to prove themselves than those of the dominant class. Even in offices as well where the dominant class groups work or where the homogenous culture prevail, Canadian Immigration Lawyers from different communities who arose from equity-seeking groups have to find better ways to get themselves in such kind of community. This would create a certain adverse effect for a Canadian Immigration Lawyer when seeking such profession as he would feel isolated and he /she would not be able to show out his/her true potential. Canadian Immigration Lawyers engaging in business events and certain social events who engage themselves in activities like that of hockey, golf, football and alcohol events, creates a negative impact on the people who equity-seeking groups and are less use to such kind events and are less prone to client connections which can even be a work source for future use. Cultures like that is seen in the firms where the focus is more towards the individualism concepts can create a misinterpretation against those who emphasise and respect their seniors and their values or negating individual success or self-promotion over the collective success, which could also lead to creating a bad image in the minds of the equity-seeking Canadian Immigration Lawyers who are denied to promotions and work access. Microaggressions tries to discriminate, isolate and try to alienate over those of dominant group. Canadian Immigration Lawyers who knows about this microaggressions knows who is what, how he/she reacts which sometimes become very difficult or even touchy and makes the other think an outsider. Specially women Canadian Immigration Lawyers are targeted who do not practice parenthood, pregnancy and does not fulfil or carry out family obligations are being disproportionately being prejudiced from the culture against those who prioritize community obligation or family. In fact, these are only the discriminatory barriers which tries to hamper the success of the upcoming, ongoing equity-seeking groups and are not being designed intentionally to discriminate or exclude which is immaterial. Inclusive legal practising. It should be taken into consideration that practising inclusive services for the workers and the clients should be limited to here but also under the following aspects like that of interactions with media personals, kind of marketing their legal practise and interacting with opposing counsel, tribunal staff, witnesses, adjudicators and judges. Strategies and equity initiatives. The department of equity initiative of law society developed some policies and practises in order to promote the diversity and promoting equity for the Canadian Immigration Lawyers in their areas of practise. These policies cover up the areas relating to giving services to the clients, in relation to employment opportunities etc. the following policies such as preventing workplace violence, harassment, discrimination, practising of fair hiring, pregnancy and parental benefits and leave policies, promoting equity at workplace, accommodating flexible work environment and discarding the issues relating to the gender identity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation, acts as a guide for the Canadian Immigration Lawyers. Law society has provided with the opportunities with a custom-designed orientation program for paralegal firms, law schools, law firms relating to the topics of discrimination, violence at workplace, harassment, giving legal aid to the disable people. Working for a change for legal professionals regarding systemic racism. There seems to be a widespread discrimination, systemic discrimination and direct discrimination for those Canadian Immigration Lawyers, articling students, and law students who belong to equity-seeking communities. It is found that these so-called equity-seeking communities face so much of humiliation, discrimination be it direct or explicit, it negatively affects their experience in the areas of recruitment, at law school, at the workplace, hiring, promotion, mentoring and partnership. So, there are some strategies which are been taken care by the law society creating a peaceful workplace, reducing barriers of racism, discrimination and bias. Even the Canadian Immigration Lawyers have to play their part by adopting these principles, continue the requirement of professional development on the topics relating to inclusion and equality. Additionally, the licensee representative is required to take the following steps that is developing, reviewing, implementing, maintaining diversity policy and human rights, complete an inclusion of self-assessment at workplace after every two years. Harassment and Discrimination counsel program. Another feature of law society, is to services like that of harassment and discrimination by a paralegal, lawyer, or a law firm. The service of the above mentioned is all funded by the law society. The services are free to the Canadian Immigration Lawyers, paralegal, public. This program helps to provide support and advice and review options which include mediation when parties agree for a resolution, complaint filing with law society, filing of an application with human rights of Ontario.